Every spring when I return to camp I always have an ant problem. These buggers are hungry after the long winter and they find their way into the camper and become a total nuisance.  Without fail, I get rid of them every year within a few days with this simple and cheap solution.

For $5 at Walmart you can buy six Terro ant bait traps that you just put down wherever you see ants and let the magic happen.

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The place I see them most in my camper is in the bathroom. It's a water source for them they find their way in through a vent on the roof. When you use this bait, be prepared to see a LOT of ants for a few days. Don't freak out and don't kill them!

The active ingredient in these traps is Borax which interferes with ants digestive systems, but it does it slowly, allowing the ants to eat some of the bait and bring more back to the colony to share. When the ants travel back and forth to the bait, they leave a pheromone trail leading all the worker ants right to the trap.

Here's a video I shot of the trap working just as advertised as I follow the ants as they enter through the vent and make their way to the trap taking the exact path all the other ants have left for them.

In one day, they were gone! I keep the bait out as I still see a stray ant here or there, but nothing beats these.

These traps are all natural and not harmful to humans, but if you're concerned about pets and young children when using these traps, be sure to read the instructions on the box for proper safety precautions.

Right now these baits are hard to come by in local stores. As of this writing Walmart's online store is out of stock, but I found some on Amazon and had them the next day. If you want to make these yourself, you can do that too with a box of Borax.

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