The storm last week that knocked out power to over 280,000 CMP customers, also produced some interesting results in North Yarmouth.


Melissa Fowler from North Yarmouth posted this photo of dirt, after lightning struck near their home. That caused a transformer to blow and a line went down surging 7,200 volts of electricity into the ground for hours. Can that turn dirt into glass?

Melissa Fowler
Melissa Fowler

According to Beals Science...yes!

Glass is made from melted and recrystallized silicon dioxide. Sand is a mixture of small pieces of weathered rock and the main component in rock (and sand) is silicon dioxide (SiO2). In fact, these two elements, silicon and oxygen, are the most abundant elements in the Earth's crust - 46.6% oxygen, 27.7% silicon. Therefore, glass is essentially recrystallized sand!


It happens quite a lot during storms! Like one in Indianapolis where the fire department came across some super cool glass.


Coronavirus, dirt turning to glass...I feel like I need to brush up on my bible.

Stay safe!




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