When 33-year-old Lizzy Snyder of Lewiston started filming comedic vlogs for YouTube, she was just in it for the entertainment value. When famous gossip celebrity and Lizzy's personal idol Perez Hilton watched her video, she was beyond thrilled. But she never imagined what would happen next: Perez announced to the world that he was Lizzy's biggest fan and invited her to fly out to Hollywood and film with him. This video is her hilarious response:

Lizzy immediately created GoFundMe to raise the money to fly out to LA and met her goal in no time. If you watch her videos, it's easy to see why so many fans wanted to see her and Perez in a video together. After gathering the funds for her flight, Lizzy began preparing to head to Hollywood to meet her idol.

She recently returned from LA, where she said she totally met Perez Hilton who, within the first few minutes, did something that would make anyone's jaw drop! He posted a video in which he talks a bit about Lizzy before meeting her (skip to 15:31 to hear that part). Needless to say, the two bonded as well in person and off-camera as they had as long-distance YouTube pals.

Lizzy had the time of her life and is incredibly thankful to everyone who donated to her GoFundMe to help her dream come true. She has one nugget of wisdom to share with anyone out there who is going through life fantasizing of more:

"Its never too late to try and achieve your dreams!"

Follow Lizzy on YouTube to stay up-to-date on her hilarious videos and any future involvement with unexpected celebrities. We'll be sure to update you here once Lizzy posts the video of the two of them.

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