Maine State Senator Justin Chenette spoke on the senate floor on Tuesday in favor of a bill that would ban the controversial and pseudoscientific practice of "conversion therapy" here in the Pine Tree state.

Chenette, representing Saco, Hollis, Limington, Old Orchard Beach, and part of Buxton, began his remarks by reminding his colleagues in the Senate that he was speaking "not as the openly gay senator in this chamber, but as a senator who happens to be gay."

In an extremely personal and moving speech that lasted just under 10 minutes, Chenette talked about his childhood, how difficult it was at times for him growing up, and perhaps most persuasively, he asked his colleagues in the senate a question:

...and last time I checked, I'm an equal member of this body. Last time I checked, I bleed the same color blood as you. We are more alike than we are different. This bill isn't about rainbow flags or parades down the street or even what bathroom to use. This is about basic human decency, and the ability to recognize another human being's worth in this world. Why would you continue to permit a barbaric practice of trying to unsuccessfully convert people like me? I ask you this: What is wrong with me?

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