I often go to Pinterest for apartment inspiration, but what I saw logging on this morning was a little befuddling.

I've always believed that the best start to a solid morning is making my bed. It leaves me feeling productive, it's one thing I can always control, and it sets me up for a warm welcome home at the end of my busy day. I was under the impression most people felt the same, even if not all follow through with their intentions.

So why is it that when I searched Pinterest for studio bedroom decor inspiration, nearly all of the pictures that came up were messy, unmade beds? Look at this insanity:

Screenshot of Pinterest Search Results
Screenshot of Pinterest Search Results

Am I missing something? Are the days of tidy beds behind us? Somehow, these pictures of messy covers are incredibly inviting. Maybe I've been wasting minutes of every morning carefully tucking my bed together when I should be tossing it together haphazardly.

The key to pulling off the unmade bed look, I think, is having the rest of your apartment looking stylish as hell. It's like having a messy bun but making sure the rest of your outfit is on point. You have to find a balance. So there you have it. Ignore your mom's words and resist that military-bred urge; leave that bed messy and cozy.

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