Remote learning has been hard for everyone. Gorham High School decided that they needed to give everyone a little motivation.


Sue Smith, a staff memeber at Great Falls Elementary School organized a video message for students with a theme built around perserverance and hanging in there!

But truly, the best part is an adorable second grader who offers advice on how to do your best during remote learning days. This kid is the best! He's a superstar! Best seven minutes you'll spend all year!


Adam Parvanta, Gorham High School's Technology Teacher and Milken Award recipient, is behind this video. This made my day. Who am I kidding? It made my week!

The behind the scenes clips at the very end will make you uproot your family and move to Gorham. I love this whole video. Every message, every participant, every hope it spreads.  Teachers, and community members jumped on board to offer positive messages too! They know that kids are in a challenging situation, but don't give up because...




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