Cong Tu Bot on Inner Washington Avenue in Portland, Maine is making some noise in the culinary scene in downtown Portland. Their website is the first clue that this place is different than other eateries in town. Their food is the second clue that your meal will be un-PHO-gettable.

Cong Tu Bot is a pho cafe at the base of Munjoy Hill. They serve up selections like classic house style Pho Ga (chicken based), Hu Tieu Xao (spicy stir fried rice noodles w/ daily veg, scallions, many chilis, peanuts, and brown sauce) and some traditional Vietnamese desserts like Banh Pandan (a well toasted pandan pound cake w/ citrus curd and coconut cream).

Upgrade your bowl of pho with pork patties, a crispy sunny side up egg, or a poached egg in your broth. Compliment your meal with an authentic Vietnamese coffee, jasmine tea, or a Tiger beer.

Venture a little outside of the Old Port and get yourself a meal at Cong Tu Bot. They're closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but you can get your fix from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Thursday through Monday.

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