On our way back from hiking to Step Falls in Newry back in 2014, we stopped at this roadside bakery stand. Puzzle Mountain Bakery has an assortment of homemade pies, whoopie pies, jams and maple cream cookies. It was so unique and so Maine and it got me wondering, are these guys still around?

Sure enough, they are and doing very well with their honor system pie stand.

News Center Maine says that owners Ryan and Devon Wheeler are still baking every day and their pie stand has gotten national attention.


I highly recommend the maple cream cookies for $1.50. That'll be the best $1.50 you spend that day when you stop.


All the day's items laid out and it's up to you to calculate your total and put the money in the box on the tree to the right.


Pretty awesome huh? When we showed up the place was packed with a bunch of people who, like us, had finished a hike up to Step Falls. Two women bought a pie and started eating it right there in their car! Hiking makes you hungry!

If you are ever travelling on Route 26 in Newry in the summertime, look for this stand. You won't regret it.

Remember: Maple Cream Cookies. Life changing. You may find yourself taking the drive just to get one!