Ice Cream with a 'Twist'

This ain't your momma's ice cream truck. Twist has been a beloved truck of creamy goodness for a few years now but if you've never tried Twist, you've been missing out. No worries though, they return for Memorial Day Weekend.

Ice Cream + Imagination

As their Facebook page says, it's ice cream with imagination! You can truly have your ice cream your way with Twist.

Pick your flavors and toppings and they'll mix it right there in the truck in front of you. Like strawberries? Done. Cookies? Got that too. Japanese rice cracker pearls? They have that too. They're always experimenting with new items.

If you're the type that struggles with too much freedom of choice, they do have a few tried and true specials on their menu such as the Golden Girl (Picture it, Sicily, 1920...) which is vanilla ice cream with ginger snaps and lemon twisted in and topped with ginger sauce, and ginger cookie crumble. They also have Pebbles the Readhead (Yabba-dabba-doo!) where you can enjoy Fruity Pebbles cereal twisted into vanilla ice cream topped with freeze-dried strawberry dust and sprinkled with more Fruity Pebbles.

They even have an option for the dog and dairy-free, vegan-friendly vanilla bean ice cream substitute!

Where to find Twist:

The food truck life is ever-changing so be sure to keep up to date on their Facebook here. Opening day is Thursday, May 27th at Thompson's Point, and catch them on the Eastern Prom Saturday afternoon!

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