The Barred Island Nature Preserve is located along the shores of Deer Isle, Maine. The natural of beauty of our state is evident on the rocky shores and lush green forest of this favorite hiking spot. As the tide recedes, a sand bar is revealed along the hiking path to the island.

Prepare for a moderately challenging hike around the island. The forested areas have spots of untouched and unruly tree roots. The path unfolds before you like a scene from a magical storybook. You'll hear the whispers of wildlife all around you.

What a beautiful place. I truly enjoyed the hike through the magical forest out to the sand bar. If you time the tide correctly, there are many lovely shells and seaside to be observed on the sand bar. Listening to the many bird calls here made me want to take up residence here.

- Trip Advisor Review by Elisabeth M. 

The hike to the sand bar is through a moss covered forest floor. The bed or moss undulates and folds and the light slips through the trees making it a magic place. I kept looking for the fairies.

- Trip Advisor Review by Carl C.

Spending all day on Barred Island won't be difficult to do with all there is to see and explore. If you find yourself on the sand for the sunset, settle in for a gorgeous display of colors as the sun sinks below the Atlantic ocean.

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