In the warmer months, Vaughan Woods in Hallowell, Maine is a gorgeous setting for a hike among lush green forest and historic stone bridges that resemble something straight from Middle Earth. In fact, locals have nicknamed the area "Hobbit Land" because of its resemblance to someplace you'd find Bilbo and his friends.

In the winter, Vaughan Woods takes on a whole new air. The flow of water has slowed to a trickle and icicles have formed against the stone dam and bridges.

The pine trees hang heavy over the stone bridges, covered in another layer of thick wet snow. Careful, if you're hoping to make fresh tracks along the snowy path, conditions may be treacherous, but the reward is an untouched winter wonderland.

As the snow melts and refreezes the stream begins to flow stronger. Bundle up, grab your camera, and go explore the woods this winter for a new appreciation of Maine's stunning outdoor spaces.

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