How many times have you wished you were better at PhotoShop so you could cut out the background of a photo and play a prank on someone, make your brochure for work look more professional, or really step up your game on birthday and Christmas cards?

Cutting out the background of a photo used to be an agonizingly tedious process in Photoshop that involved tracing around the subject of the photo with a bunch of little markers and then creating different layers from your picture. Even if you had downloaded Photoshop and knew how to use it, it was a time0intensive process and if you were hoping to isolate someone whose hair wasn't a neat, gathered style with zero stray hairs or frizziness, fuhget about it.

Now, all it take is a simple upload on this website. A friend of mine shared this website on facebook and I immediately had to try it out. It works amazingly well!


Townsquare Media


Look at those crazy windy hairdos, impeccably cut out from the complicated cityscape surrounding One City Center!  Amazing. Superb. Magic.