If you're passing through the quaint little riverside town of Hallowell, Maine and get a sweet tooth craving, you need to pop into Scrummy Afters Candy Shoppe. The store is owned by mother-daughter duo Hilary and Kim. The pair has created a whimsical shop filled with colorful confections to satisfy any candy seeker. You'll find nostalgia candy, bulk candy, custom candy, and more within the shop's doors.

Scrummy Afters is a delight for all senses and it only gets better for their parties and special events. With Hilary's expertise in art and theater, she creates incredible costumes and settings to transport you into your favorite stories.

The Christmas event at Scrummy Afters would not have been complete without the Grinch and the Whos from Whoville, complete with the signature Who noses.

It looks like The Grinch and Santa were still on good terms as children visited the shop last Christmas.

The Halloween party was absolutely magical, no pun intended. The entire cast of Harry Potter characters, villains and heroes, roamed the stacks of candy with wands in hand.

Bellatrix LeStrange and He Who Must Not Be Named were on the guest list, as was Fleur Delacour and Mad Eye Moody.

What's next at Scrummy Afters? It looks like the candy makers may have something Game of Thrones inspired in store. They're hard at work at these custom chocolate dragon eggs.

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