I watch a lot of YouTube. And I’m not talking like an hour a day. I watch YouTube more often than anything else on my TV. Over my vacation, YouTube reported that I watched almost 27 hours of YouTube. I might have a problem.

Watching that much YouTube means that the Google Machine knows what you like to watch, and serves you up suggestions based on what you’ve watched previously. That’s how I stumbled across 9-year-old Basia Robinson.

I watch a lot of videos of trains, and she is clearly a fan as well. I’ve even taken my own videos of trains like this one in Yarmouth hauling a single empty car from the B&M Baked Beans plant in Portland back in 2010.

When Basia Robinson was 7 years old, she was very excited to see a train in Rockland switching cement cars for Dragon Cement at the Rockland Marine Terminal, where they are unloaded onto ships for further transport.

The trains are hard to catch, as Dragon Cement in Thomaston is the only customer on this line that runs 56 miles between Brunswick and Rockland. It’s what train fans like me call a “rare move.”

Basia knows it's rare too, as you’ll see in this video. She was lucky on this day, and her excitement shows.

She also took a trip to the Boothbay Railway Museum, a place that I have fond memories of as a kid when I was about her age.

I remember doing the same thing she did. Waiting on the platform for the train to come in. Do I have a picture? Yep.


Okay. Maybe I was a little younger than Basia. But my son was even younger on his first trip to Boothbay Railway Museum.

Townsquare Media - Jeff Parsons
Townsquare Media - Jeff Parsons

Today, he's more concerned with playing Fortnite rather than trains.

Basia is great, and I hope we get to see more train videos from her before she grows out of her love for them. If she's like me though, she never will.

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