Three men from New York City were apprehended in Auburn in November, trying to use phony store credit at Home Depot in Auburn. Out of all the stores where people would use fake store credit, you would think Home Depot was the last on the list!

Three Bronx men pleaded guilty in federal court Wednesday in a scheme aimed at defrauding Home Depot stores in Maine,...

Posted by Sun Journal on Thursday, 1 October 2020

What are you going to do, use a bunch of materials, and build a house with fake identities? How are you going to get that off the ground? These three men from the Bronx thought they could get away with it. According to the Sun Journal, Jeremy Pinales-Diaz, 23, Gilbert Reyes, 22; and Mickey Augusto Mejia-Rosario, 24, were arrested after failing to make purchases at self-checkout stations at the Mount Auburn Avenue store.

It appears they were trying to use the store credit, they obtained through the use of fake identities. All three men are looking at up to five years and $250,000 fines. The craziest thing about this is most people do not use stolen identities in person to make a purchase, only maybe to get in somewhere. Nonetheless, these three thought they could pull it off, and that's why they're going to prison. Don't be like these guys.

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