Dear God. Yes, that is me, Lori Voornas. It was a client party for when I worked at WBLM back in 1989. We had to wear tuxedos. And yes, it was the 80's...everyone smoked!

Apparently I had no help picking out my glasses and yes - that's lipstick! I haven't worn lipstick since. I got all spiffed up for this party! At WBLM (I worked in the office) we had huge client parties every year. And for some reason we always had to wear a take on tuxedos.

This is another party. That is my actual hair with no dye! Oh, I miss those days. It was nice and wavy. And look! I wore contacts! Someone is helping me get dressed! Man, I look young. Oh wait. I was!

Lori getting ready for client party back in the 80s

This is me and our general manager Eve Rubbins. I liked her.

Lori in weird tux with the old general manager of WBLM

You can't really see, but look at my Chuck Taylor high tops! Loved those shoes. I miss the 80's.

I lived above a WBLM sales guy's house for a while. He would have the station over for parties too. Here I am just relaxing in my 105 pound body. My left thigh weighs that now.

Lori super skinny at a summer party

Oh my God! Just realized, that's a cigarette in my hand. IS an old picture!

My radio history had me jumping around a bit. After I left BLM, I went to work at WMGX for years and that's when I started doing morning radio! Then I left MGX for WCLZ, which went away, which led me to the Q. When I was on WCLZ, we changed it to WTPN for a couple of years. It was an incredible learning experience. One thing I learned is that Pete Dubuc is an awesome guy. He was my morning show partner and I will always be grateful to him for putting up with a radio experiment that went horribly wrong. Pete is now the lead singer of the band Gunther Brown.

I worked with Pete during the 2000 presidential election where Al Gore lost to George W. thanks to a supreme court decision. I was SO sure Gore was going to win, we made a bet. Since I lost - this was my punishment.

Lori has crabs

I remember how cold I was more than I was humiliated. Plus, making that sign gave me an awesome marker high.

Thanks for walking down memory lane with me! Wasn't that fun? I'll do another one in 25 years. Comment here or on Facebook or Twitter #throwbackthursday


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