It was a moment when news happened during the news. Well, it almost happened during the news, but it did all get captured on video.

In 2018 News Center Maine journalist Samantha Sugerman was preparing to go live from Norridgewock covering the upcoming dedication of the Corporal Eugene Cole Memorial Bridge. Corporal Cole was killed in the line of duty for which John Williams is currently serving a life sentence for his murder.

While she was preparing to go live, an ATV suddenly enters her shot from the left and two riders on it hit the pavement of Route 201A hard as their ride tips over. The camera not only gets the shot perfectly but the sounds of groans from the riders are captured as they smack the pavement.

Samantha turns to see what happened. The man riding the ATV helps the woman who was driving it up off the pavement saying what sounds like "God!" and the woman responds with "Sorry!"

Samantha then asks "Are you guys okay," to which we don't hear a reply, but can see the couple walking off-screen so we assume they were just fine.

So what caused the spill right in the middle of the road? Who knows, but based on the guy's reaction and the woman's apology, sounds like pilot error. They walked away though, so it's okay to laugh right?

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