I'm going to be honest here, I haven't watched a moment of the election coverage. Why? Well, I don't really see the point in watching what's essentially speculation for hours on end. It's all, "So and so can win if x, y, z happens but not if the other so and so wins a, b, and c!" That does absolutely nothing for me, but you do you!

A friend of mine sent me a TikTox of comedian Tyler Fischer who has been on America's Got Talent, Colbert, MTV, and more who perfectly parodied election coverage and how truly clueless everyone is until the fat lady sings.

In one of a million different "what-if" scenarios, Tyler says that Trump wins but not if Biden gets the vote from 12 lobstermen in a made-up Maine county.

As hilariously inaccurate as this is it really hits the nail on the head with election coverage. Not to mention a laugh is something we could all use right about now. Even the 12 lobstermen in Peachaqua County.

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