Alright, so he's got another ring on his finger, but boy was Brady boring in that big game! Final score, 13-3, the lowest scoring Superbowl in history... and the Goat himself admitted he wished the offense had performed better.

If you were disappointed by Brady or just wanting more excitement while watching the game, I have a pretty stellar antidote. If you don't already know about the popular "Bad Lip Reading" YouTube videos, you're in for an even bigger treat.

How these people put together such cohesive incorrect quotes that match up perfectly with people's lips is beyond me. My favorite part is Brady being bossy around 2:33. There's something about the attitudes of the voice actors that brings tears of laughter to my eyes every time I see a Bad Lip Reading video - and football-focused ones are my favorite because the players are all so serious.

Watch it yourself and get the satisfaction you missed in this year's Superbowl. Gooooo Paaaaats I guess...

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