Remember that sweet, adorable, and shockingly ugly chihuahua we had in studio a few weeks ago?

Tostito's owners were showing him off and trying to raise enough money to fly to Petaluma, CA to compete for the title of World's Ugliest Dog. Well, they made it!

Owners Molly and Sami of Falmouth flew with Tostito to California last week to see him strut his stuff, including his eaten-up ears and lazy tongue, for the judges.

Molly Horgan
Molly Horgan

Surprise surprise, Tostito did not leave empty-handed.

While another (arguably less ugly) dog took first place, Tostito won the competition's Spirit Award and took third place, walking away with two trophies, $500, and a tantalizing treat bag, according to the Press Herald.

The winner of the World's Ugliest Dog was Scamp the Tramp, last year's runner-up and a dreadlocked social therapy dog who spends time with older adults as part of his job.

If Scamp the Tramp was a return competitor, maybe our Tostito stands a chance for a return trip. He's certainly the ugliest in our hearts!

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