In a packed emergency meeting of the Town of Jackman board of selectman this morning, the remote Maine town's elected officials voted 4-0 to fire town manager Tom Kawczynski, who has made national headlines this week for his racist statements condemning non-whites.

On Monday night, Kawczynski appeared for an extended interview on the "Ghost Politics," podcast on the service Blog Talk Radio, hosted by a known racist who hides his identity. The host repeatedly referred to Kawczynski as a member of his "inner circle" of confidants.

Kawczynski made news around the country this week after his posts on the unregulated social networking site Gab, and those of his wife, were published by sources here in Maine. Kawczynski's posts were sympathetic to Nazism, alleged that Maine was "being overrun by illegal immigrants," and that "racial integration is being forced on us by the mainstream media." His wife also shared memes and images of Jews being mistreated in Nazi Germany, and children using white supremacist imagery to promote racial superiority.

As part of his termination from employment with the town of Jackman, the Press Herald is reporting that he will receive $30,000 if he agrees not to pursue legal action against the town.

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