Not to sound like an alarmist, but the tropical storm warning has now been expanded to all of New Hampshire as well as Androscoggin County as we're looking at 45 mile an hour winds and rain up to five inches in some coastal places. This storm, which was a category one hurricane when it hit North Carolina, has left three people injured and one person has passed away.

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By the time it gets here, it will just be a storm creating rain and wind, but still, you must watch out as the intensity of the wind will not be like any other thunderstorm. This storm is already producing tornado watches in parts of western Vermont and New Hampshire, so as you can see, it's not playing around. According to our friends at CBS 13, the storm will have its way with us starting at 8:00 PM and going into the early morning hours. If you need tips on what to do during a tropical storm in Maine or any other place, please see the gallery I've conveniently attached below.


Preparing For A Tropical Storm

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