Nothing says awesome like when a Maine business goes national, but while not forgetting where they came from.

That is what has happened to the two brothers who own Maine Beer Company, David, and Daniel Kleban as their small company based in Freeport blew up and went nationwide, according to the Today Show.

David had initially been an independent financial consultant, and Daniel just graduated from a Law School and landed a tremendous amount of debt, the show reported.

Frustrated with big business practices, the brothers decided to pursue their passion, good old fashioned down home brewing.

They constructed a business plan, and on the cover, it says: "Do It Right."

That is the story they told the Today Show, Tuesday morning, along with how they wanted to make a beer good enough to pay their employees well and not charge to the point where customers are breaking the bank.

It appears, their vision is now a reality.

Check out the full story on the Today Show website here.

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