I had a very busy weekend that had me all over the place. One of those places was Arcadia in Portland. This sign stopped me in my tracks!


Arcadia is a tiny little whole in the wall filled with pinball machines and old arcade games. They are mostly an adult (nerd) place where Jeff often frequents. But on Saturdays from 12-4 it's all ages.

Now, for those adults (nerds) who aren't used to this - Arcadia explains:




I love it.

SIDENOTE: You may notice the high score on Galaga with the initials LAV. That would be one Lori Ann Voornas. Just saying

Then I was also at the Mom and Baby Expo at the Portland Expo on Friday to kick it all off with a live broadcast. I was going around and meeting some of the vendors when I came across this little diddy.


Stress boobs! How great is that? They are foamy and yes..you squeeze them. It stopped me in my tracks and yes, I grabbed two (insert joke here)

So, I guess it's for breast feeding?



I love things that take me off guard. These two visuals certainly did just that.