Firstly, we have to congratulate the University of Maine's first America East Championship in 12 years, as they make their way to the NCAA regionals.

As our very own Black Bears are heading to Miami to play, a company by the name of Mark Light Shakes has taken this as an opportunity to create a very interesting treat.

But is it one you would want to have?

Since 1986, a company called Mark Light Shakes has been serving over 40 flavors of custom milkshakes only available at UMiami Hurricane baseball games. As UMaine makes its way to Florida next, it was only fitting while the Black Bears are in town that they, too, get their very own shake.

The flavor you ask? (I'm very unwell about the answer mind you).

Nope, not a chocolate whoopie pie, or a Maine blueberry shake, even better (or worse). To honor Maine, Mark Light Shakes had created a custom Maine butter lobster shake for UMaine's arrival, and oh my god, I don't know how to feel.

If you don't believe me because this is the most unappetizing thing you've ever heard of, check this out:

I am all for trying new foods in different areas of the world, but usually nobody is putting lobster into a blender, adding ice to it and asking you to drink it... until now. I mean I am so sorry I can't hide my true feelings here, I think this is the most disgusting thing anybody could have put on a menu besides snails and even then people like to eat snails.

Now, I know they did it to honor the state of Maine because we're so well known around the world for our lobster, but in a way, I almost feel like making it a milkshake is disrespectful. I could be wrong, but Mainers take pride in their lobster and how it's prepared... and this is definitely not it.

There are so many other Maine-food related options they could have tried.

The Black Bears open the tournament by playing UMiami this Friday at 7 p.m. so if you wanna pre-game your beer with a lobster milkshake have at it. I'm going to need video evidence as well so feel free to send that to me. GOOD LUCK!

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