As you may have heard several schools have already suspended classes across the country because off-campus parties have created a hazard to help with the spread of COVID-19 that's why the University of Maine system came out with this directive.

"Off-campus parties jeopardize public health and our ability to educate students on our campuses," said the University of Maine System Chancellor Dannell Malloy in a prepared statement. "The fate of the fall semester is in the hands of our students and many are stepping up to help lead our health and safety initiatives. We issued guidance on events and parties to make it clear right from the start that participation in our safety protocols is mandatory and extends to off-campus activities."

Chancellor Malloy said this Thursday to WMTW channel 8, and they have reason to be concerned even though the state of Maine has handled the coronavirus pandemic with extreme caution our numbers are low there are still out of state students that will be returning to school this fall that may not go through the proper screening and by the time an outbreak is detected it will be too late. Anyone that's been to college or visited campus knows that parties are a part of the college experience. However this year things are going to be different, the pandemic may feel like it is subsiding but in other parts of the world the second phase has already begun. Do you have any college students in your household what are they thinking and talking about?

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