It was announced today that a veteran member of the Portland Police Department has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

This officer is a trusted and decorated member of the department and is currently quarantined outside of the state, according to the Portland Police Chief on Facebook.

Chief Frank Clark took to Facebook to make a statement.

Here's a from The Chief:

"As our community, state and country respond to the unprecedented set of circumstances associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, I thought it important to reach out and provide some updates on the work going on here at the Portland Police Department.

Foremost, I unfortunately have to report that we’ve learned that a veteran officer in our department has been diagnosed with COVID-19. We are in touch with the officer, who is currently quarantined outside of the state. In addition to our desire to support that officer, we remain focused on ensuring both the health and safety of the other 220 members of our agency, as well as ensuring continuity of operations and the high level of service to which our community has become accustomed."

They have not identified the officer as of yet; lets hope he gets well and can get back out safely to help with the response.

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