If you've ever been curious exactly what the Covid-19 swab test is like - here it is.


With cases jumping in Maine, I wanted to make sure all was good with me. It was more of a curiosity and peace of mind. I'm out in the world. Not everyone is practicing social distancing or even wearing a mask. That's not a political statement, it's just a fact. I wanted to make sure all was good even though I felt fine.


The first thing I had to do was figure out where to get a test. I called my primary doctor, but was told that they are only testing people with symptoms. I had no symptoms and felt fine. That led me to Maine's website to find a testing site. You will need to know that the TEST IS FREE and paid for by Maine. That's awesome. Where you get your test will depend upon if you have symptoms or if you believe you were exposed.

My search led me to Convenient MD on Marginal Way in Portland. First I had to fill out some information, then had a virtual visit (they caught me feeding the cats) and then an apppointment was made.

I checked in and they asked me what kind of car I drive and what color it is. What? That's because they were coming to get me. Oh...gotcha, go wait in my car. I waited a few minutes when a very nice young woman came out and actually gave me the test IN MY CAR! Oh...that was a surprise. I will admit - I was nervous. but I shouldn't have been. It was quick and painless.


My test results were back in about 3 1/2 days (Friday am to Monday pm). Negative. Which I was glad about, but not surprised by. But it most definitely gave me peace of mind. Thanks to the staff at Convenient MD in Portland. They couldn't have been nicer or more professional.



Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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