Nothing quite stands out the way a lighthouse does. The iconic structures sit idly by, almost stoic-like, through changing seasons and the fickle weather.

Maine is no stranger to these historic protectors of seafarers. In fact, the state has 65 of them still standing.

While Portland Head Light gets the majority of the national buzz, the other 64 are all special in their own way. Many have been protecting travelers for over 100 years. Some are open to the public for tours. And others have to be seen from a boat cruise.

And then there's one that truly lights up the holiday season. One that is a can't miss for all lighthouse enthusiasts who love this time of year. I am talking about Cape Neddick Lighthouse, or as it's more commonly known, Nubble Light.

Located a few hundred feet off the town of York's coastline is stoic Nubble Light. The lighthouse is a popular tourist destination during the warmer months. However, its Christmas transformation is when the beautiful light really shines.

According to Maine Lights Today, Nubble Light's Christmas "switch" flips on every year on the first Saturday after Thanksgiving. It's been a tradition since 1987.

Thousands of Mainers and tourists gather at Sothier Park to watch the incredible spectacle. The event includes hot cocoa, choirs, snacks, and even a Christmas tree that appears from underwater. Yes, you read that correctly. The town leaves no detail untouched.

Peek A Boo Moon
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The lights that cover Nubble and its corresponding buildings create such a unique display. The outlining of the buildings highlight the old structures beautifully, and the window candles help give a sense of history. It's so easy to imagine when the lighthouse had to use real candlelight to keep the "lights on."

Nubble lighthouse, York, Maine
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This stunning spectacle could get anyone into the holiday spirit, even the Grinch himself. Nubble Light is totally worth the visit, especially during the most wonderful time of year.

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