Waffle Burger is opening this Friday in Dover, New Hampshire.

Seacoastonline reported that it's actually Dennis Hackett's wife, Kelly, and her homemade traditional Belgian waffles that inspired Waffle Burger.

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Dennis told Seacoastonline that handheld food tastes better on a waffle.

My wife makes a really good waffle, and we had some leftover waffles and no (hamburger) buns one day. Waffle burgers aren’t a new thing, you see them on the internet now, but this was a long time ago that I made a waffle burger. I just thought it was really good.

Where can I try a delicious waffle burger from Dover, New Hampshire's Waffle Burger?

Waffle Burger will be inside 603 Pizza on Central Avenue as a small food operation. Dennis is working with his friend (and 603 Pizza-owner) Luke Marshall, who he's known since they both graduated from Somersworth High School.

Waffle Burger is starting with a small menu of five items. They could expand once they get off the ground. Of course, they will have the waffle burger, with a hamburger patty between two homemade waffles with American cheese, pickles, and hot maple syrup from The Spicy Shark in Portsmouth.


The Spicy Shark’s hot maple syrup will also be used on chicken and waffles, and a waffle pastrami dish.

Side Note:  If Spicy Shark looks familiar, some of their hot sauces have been used in the "Hot Ones" series.


They will also have a waffle dessert with syrup and whipped cream, and frozen waffles to take home. What fun!

There are pizza places everywhere in New Hampshire, but only one with a side gig of Waffle Burgers! Look for your new favorite place to open on Friday, June 28.

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