This is the most Maine-style dining experience ever.

Over the weekend, my friends and I discovered a new farm-to-table indoor/outdoor restaurant that just opened up last week called Wander in Cumberland.

Outside the restaurant, there's a beautiful walk-around garden you can frolic through before you pick a seat for dinner. How cute is this?

Krissy- Townsquaremedia

Wander just had its soft opening last week, and so far, the staff and atmosphere are very kind.

They have a summer house, a log-cabin feel to their dining room, and their outside seating is like going on a picnic in a cozy field.

While you're waiting for your food, their liquor license extends outside into their mini farm so you can bring your glass of wine outside while you check it all out.

This was so random yet so awesome, we found an octopus made of recycled trash just hanging around. Such a fun unique surprise, check it out:

Krissy- Townsquaremedia
Krissy- Townsquaremedia

Pictured above is my best friend Morgan who came to literally 'wander' with me (see what they did there?) where we also found some cute animals:

Behind the little white barn outside that held those cute cows, we also found over 100 chickens and roosters!

They make their own craft cocktails using fresh egg whites straight from outside, so organic.

What's a new restaurant you've been to recently?

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