The discussion got a little heated on Wednesday night's Portland City Council meeting as a deadline looms to find housing for asylum seekers.

The City of Portland faces an August 15 deadline to have all asylum seekers out of the Portland Expo due to contractual obligations. The building has other uses throughout the year that the city needs to fulfill. The problem that has occurred is that many of those asylum seekers have declined to accept housing offered to them by the city and now time is running out to find a place for them.

In the July 23 Portland City Council meeting, things got heated when accusations were brought up that Mayor Ethan Strimling had been spreading misinformation about city policy telling people staying at the Expo that they did not have to accept housing they were offered.

Mayor Strimling responded and that's when things started to escalate as seen in the video of the meeting.

You can watch the entire Portland City Council meeting at the link below.

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