The one and only Bill Green from WCSH6 and WLBZ2 discovered Maine Memes and did a segment on the website and the guy behind it.... which happens to be me!

Can't see the video above? Click here.

My day job is one of the best in Maine - being on the radio at Q97.9 in Portland. But my side gig is pretty cool too... and Maine Memes on facebook & twitter is one of the biggest social brands in Maine!

Since 2012, I've made a habit of making fun of myself, and our beloved Vacationland home. You might not recognize the name "Maine Memes," but I bet you've seen some of our stuff, like "Town Motto Tuesday" or the hilarious videos we feature on our website.

Sitting down with Bill was an absolute blast. It's always great to talk with people who love Maine and understand our inside jokes and humor, but it was something special to see Bill laugh at some of our funniest stuff.

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