Late night in the Old Port is typically not my scene. My bedtime (or at least when I try to get to bed) is around 10 or 11PM. However, I've been performing a lot more at night lately, and as an entertainer you have to learn to adjust to late hours because gigs are typically in the evening.

Usually after performing, no matter how tired my body feels, I have this crazy adrenaline that keeps me up for hours after. So, now every Friday night after I perform with my cabaret group at Studio 55, all I want to do is get out and dance.

This past Friday after a performance, I was feeling spry and decided to explore the downtown scene. I came across some friends who were jamming on different percussion instruments and dancing. I decided to join, and what happened next was pure magic.

People from all walks of life would stop when they saw us having a great time, and then they joined in as well. This is the perfect example of how music and dance can universally bring joy to others. There were people dancing in all different styles, those who joined in playing instruments and others singing and rapping over the beat. By the end it was one giant party. Absolute bliss!

Hopefully it inspires people to not feel afraid to express themselves, and to just dance ... whenever, wherever, however!