Entertainment is taking a whole new twist during social distancing.

Spending more time at home? We decided to try and find partners for all the lonely socks - THAT'S when the dog and cat decide to go at it.

The video cut out way before the fighting ended. I followed them around for a bit. They do this at least once a day. I actually think that Casco (dog) loves Lola (cat). Sure it looks like Casco is biting little Lola's neck. But it's not hard, and Lola runs circles around Casco.

I love it when they go to town on each other. It's their exercise for the day! They are both in good shape thanks to all the running around they do.

My favorite thing that Lola does (nickname Satan) is when Casco is resting in my lap, she waltzes on over and replaces her. Casco NEVER puts up a fight and just moves down the couch. It's so funny.

(I secretly call Lola many names....one rhymes with witch)

I'm so grateful for my furry friends during the 'social distancing' going on right now. I hope you have some furry friends to keep you smiling too.

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