Moxie Falls is an amazing sight in the summer, and really cool in the winter!

According to Kennebec Valley, Moxie Falls drops almost 100 feet. It's Maine's highest and most easily accessible waterfall. It's pretty accessible in the summer, but when it freezes, not everyone goes to see it. But thanks to Steve Yenco of Mainly Maine Photography, you don't have to hike to see it frozen over.

It's just a couple of miles up from The Forks and it's less than a mile on foot.

If you follow the stream below, you'll find native brook trout, and a great swimming hole.

It's one of the tallest single drops in all of Maine. If you are on a whitewater rafting trip on the Kennebec, chances are you've stopped at Moxie Falls.

You'd think no one ever sees it, snuggled in remote mid-western Maine, but Moxie Falls gets lots of visitors. But not so much in the winter...


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