I recommend watching if you've had a bad day - it WILL turn it around.


Adam Parvanta from Gorham High School wanted to share Gorham High School's Unifed Basketball teams highlight video. They organized a two-day celebration in the auditorium so that everyone at GHS could see the highlight reel.
Adam Parvanta
Adam Parvanta
It apparently was quite the event. Lights, music, a VIP section in the front row (of course), and twin football players as 'security'. As Adam says,
It was so nice to see the proud smiles on the faces of the players and their partners, along with the incredibly warm support of their peers and teachers.


According to the Portland Press Herald there are 55 teams representing 62 schools in a two-region sport that started with 17 teams in one region five years ago. Unified track and field are back this spring for the second year, and Unified volleyball is new this year.

I hope this amazing program grows throughout Maine...it truly is inspiring.


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