There was big debate on the Q Morning Show this week about dishwasher protocol. Everything from whether or not to pre-rinse, placing silverware handles up or down and proper placement of bowls and plates. No one seems to agree on how to properly load a dishwasher, so we went to YouTube to get advice from the pros.

I did a lot of searching for videos on how to load a dishwasher, and most of them will put you to sleep. This one isn't great either, but it has views in the millions so someone must think she knows what she's talking about.


One thing all the videos I found did have in common is that they all recommend you put all silverware, except for knives, handles up in the silverware basket. That gives them the best chance of getting throroughly clean. Lori can't do it though because she's afraid that they'll just be dirty again when you have to touch the part you put in your mouth to get them out. Whatever germaphobe.

It does help to see exactly how a dishwasher works to know the proper way to load it. That was never an easy thing to see since they aren't made with windows. A few years ago though, a guy put a GoPro in his dishwasher and rigged up some lighting to give many people their first ever view of a dishwasher in action. It kind of looks dirty, and not in a soiled dishes kind of way. You'll see what I mean.

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