There's a right way and a wrong way to load a dishwasher and the people in my house are doing it the wrong way.

I went to run this dishwasher today knowing that it had already been loaded. There were a few more things I needed to put in it before starting it though. It's a portable dishwasher so it sits in a corner and we wheel it out to the sink, hook up a hose to the faucet, and it's good to go. When I opened the door I saw this....

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Townsquare Media

I was taught at a young age by my mother how to load a dishwasher and this is not the way. Bowls are scattered everywhere and in odd directions. Cups aren't on the sides and in general, it's an inefficient mess that won't get very clean.

So I rearranged it all with the cups on the outside, bowls stacked dirty side down in the middle and large utensils laid down flat. Just like I was taught as a kid and just like in this video that I plan to share with the people I live with.

I can't be the only one who lives with people who don't know the proper way to load a dishwasher. If you're one of them, show them this video. Be gentle about it though. At least they're trying.

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