Wendy Nelson Diffin of South Portland has a cat named Mr. Spice. As with many cats, Mr. Spice is curious about a lot of things and Wendy manages to catch a lot of his misadventures on video.

On this particular evening there was an empty cardboard box sitting on an ottoman. Cats love boxes and Mr. Spice is no exception. So Mr. Spice hopped up into the box and was all set to just chill a bit and take in the scenery. Unfortunately Mr. Spice doesn't understand how the center of gravity works.

Luckily for Mr. Spice, he's okay. Cats have this amazing ability to take hard falls and bounce right back up. Maybe they'll lick a paw or two, but they're good.

Even the "Sail Cat " was okay. One of the funniest cat fail videos I've ever seen all because his leap is choreographed to Awolnation's 'Sail.'

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