We have two cats. One is 10 years old and the other is 1 year old. The one year old is in charge.


I wasn't sure how bringing a kitty into a home with a grown dog and grown cat would go. It's been amazing and hysterical to watch. The new kitty, Lola, is a rescue kitty and is the sweetest most evil cat. She scratches and whacks things off of tables, counter tops, nightstands...you name it. But she is so sweet, you quickly forgive the fact that you've lost every chap stick you've ever owned.

But it's the relationship she has with the older cat GoGo and the sweet dog Casco. She loves them both and plays with them constantly. I caught Lola giving GoGo, what I can only describe as an aggressive spa treatment.

My favorite part of this video is the death grip Lola has on GoGo*. Lola has both of her arms wrapped around GoGo and won't let her leave until she's done cleaning her!

Do you have cats that give each other aggressive spa treatments, or do I have a special kitty?

*SIDENOTE: I sometimes call GoGo Toothless from the movie 'How to Train Your Dragon'. When you squish GoGo's ears down, she looks JUST like him.

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