When Build-A-Bear decided to do a Pay-Your-Age day where you pay your age to build a bear if you are a bonus club member, it seemed like a great promotion. It fact it was so great that the line went out the door of the Maine Mall.

The lines were so long it became a fire hazard and the South Portland Fire Department had to stop allowing people to wait in line. Dawn Fox of Auburn was one of the many people waiting in line and she went live on Facebook to show the madness.

As of 7PM Thursday night, Dawn had been waiting 9 hours for her bear and were waiting for it to be stuffed.

This was not just a Maine problem. Build-A-Bears across the country had insane lines waiting to cash in on the deal. It was so overwhelming that Build-A-Bear had to shut it down.

It's like a more tame version of the Cabbage Patch Doll craze of the 1980's when people were practically trampling over each other to get one.

If you're a Build-A-Bear Bonus Club member, there is still hope. Build-A-Bear has posted into for memebers to get a voucher on their website until July 15. Here's the button to get one.

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