13Crocs are more than just ugly convenient slip on shoes that you wear to Walmart if you want to dress up...


Crocs can also be lots of entertainment fun for the whole family!

Things you'll need:

  • crocs without the jibets (the little things that fit into the holes)
  • a can of shaving cream
  • a naked foot

Fill said ugly ass Croc with shaving cream. Shove said naked foot into filled Croc. Enjoy.

Don't have a hose to clean up after? No worries. I do, so let me do it for you - but I'll tell ya..you'll see this and want to do it for yourself!


WARNING!  There is a serious side effect I was not expecting. I'm not sure how to avoid it, but after having a lot of shaving cream all over my foot, hand, and driveway - I smelled like my an old man fresh from the barbers. Soooo....there's that.

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