If you're not familiar with tides here in Maine, or anywhere for that matter, allow me to refresh you. Tides, driven primarily from the gravitational pull of the moon, cycle about two times per day.

Tide changes are just over 6 hours apart resulting in both high and low tides. According to a post from WMTW, a recent high tide caused the Rockland Breakwater to become fully submerged under the frigid Maine salt water.

This isn't the first time it has happened and will always happen when the high tide is greater than 11 feet. WMTW indicated the tide on November 8th was 12.2 feet.

Typically, tourists and Mainers alike can easily venture out onto the breakwater and walk the several hundred yards out to the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse. Obviously that becomes impossible when the tide overtakes the stone walkway.

Take a look at the video that was taken from a camera mounted on the side of the Breakwater Lighthouse building. Could you imagine being stuck out at the lighthouse waiting for the tide to go back down?

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