You know that old saying, 'It's not my driving I'm worried about, it's the other guy?' Well here's dashcam video shot by Dennis Nightingale on Route 1 in Saco of that 'other guy.'

The video was captured just after 8AM on June 15, right during the busy morning commute. Dennis summed what happened up perfectly when he posted the video to his Facebook page by writing "Route 1 is dangerous enough without this person on the road!"


Wherever this guy was going, he was in enough of hurry to pass stopped traffic on the left at a high rate of speed and run a red light, nearly getting t-boned by a car entering the intersection with the green light.

Dennis got the plate number of the car but there's no word on if the police have seen this video or not. Let's hope they have and go knocking on this knucklehead's door.

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