This video popped up in "On This Day" on Facebook recently. Back in 2012, I was traveling on Oxford Street in South Paris and saw a driver ahead of me going way too fast and trying desperately to pass a slow truck several times in no passing zones.

I started to get concerned that someone was going to get hurt or worse, so I reached up and tapped my phone twice in the dash mount to capture him on video and then prepared to call the police on my hands free bluetooth to let them know what I was seeing.

I couldn't even start to make the call before he started to pass the truck just as it began to turn left.

He just narrowly missed being hit, but he was through and off like a shot. When I got to where I was going five minutes later, I sent the video to a friend of mine who worked for the Paris Police department and gave him the license plate number I captured from the video.

I heard back from him on my Facebook page shortly thereafter. He wrote:

I located and summonsed the driver for two violations....he was also told to write me a 1500 word essay with any highway safety related topic of his choice.

I love cops with a sense of humor. Luckily no one was hurt, and hopefully this guy learned his lesson. I would have loved to have read that essay.

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