What's old is new again. The classic video game Space Invaders has been brought into the 21st century with an update called Space Invaders Frenzy and you can play it at Palace Playland in Old Orchard Beach.

Space Invaders was one of the earliest video arcade games and, at it's core, was very simple. It was also crazy addicting. Shoot all the space invaders before they reach Earth while dodging their return fire. The more invaders you destroy the faster they move toward earth. Good luck trying to get that last one!

Now the folks at Raw Thrills Games have created Space Invaders Frenzy, a ticket redemption game that gives you an actual cannon to shoot at the screen, much like the classic Duck Hunt. The same goal applies. Don't let the invaders reach the bottom of the screen.

The game throws in a little bit of Missile Command, where you can wipe out a bunch of invaders with a bomb. This version is crazy addicting too, especially when you play against a friend to see who can earn more tickets to redeem for a Tootsie Roll.

Go play this game! You can find in the arcade at Palace Playland in Old Orchard Beach. It goes great with a big heap of pier fries. Actually everything goes great with pier fries.

Fun Fact: Raw Thrills is the same company who brought you Big Buck Hunter and was founded by legendary video game creator Eugene Jarvis. If you ever played Defender, Stargate, Robotron: 2084, NARC, Smash TV, Total Carnage or Cruis'n USA, you've played Eugene's games.


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