Yup. For being in his 70's, this Greek uncle of Lori's is pretty adventurous!


Lori's brother Greg went to visit Uncle Nicky and his wife Aunt Barb in South Carolina. It's Aunt Barb's birthday soon. So, part of the visit was to do something fun and crazy. Last year they all went parasailing (all meaning: Uncle Nicky, Aunt Barb, brother Greg and his wife Ann).

Lori thinks it's just a sneaky way of Greg getting a better gift for Aunt Barb's birthday than Lori...anyway...


Here is Uncle Nicky ziplinning somewhere in South Carolina! Don't blink! It only took 10 seconds!



Remember, Uncle Nicky is a practical guy. A logical guy - so, he obviously isn't gonna go nuts coming on down a zip line. I think he went out of his comfort zone with the hand wave. Did you notice that? Right in the beginning when people are begging to have him make noise, he waved.

Ya gotta love Uncle Nicky.


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