Mother Nature is just showing off.

Mount Washington Observatory on Saturday posted on their Facebook page an incredible video of just how snowy and windy it was on the summit.

The winds were so strong that they were lifting the snow up and overhead the deck railing, according to the Facebook post.

The intense winds roared and pelting snow made for a blinding white that looked like it was the Millennium Falcon hitting lightspeed in the movie "Star Wars."


And if the visuals of the epic snow being thrown around didn't show just how powerful nature can be, just listen to the sound.

Imagine trying to shout into that void. Your voice and message would surely be lost.

The post doesn't list how fast the winds were roaring, but Mount Washington has had some truly fast whipping winds in the hundreds of miles per hour.

In fact, Mount Washington famously had the world record for fastest wind gust at 231 mph in 1934, per a Mount Washington Observatory press release. That record stood until a report came out that a new record of 253 mph took place in 1996 during a typhoon at Barrow Island, Australia, the press release stated.

But still, can you imagine 231 mph?

And take a look back at this video of an intern braving the epic winds of 117 mph in March 2020.

Winter is certainly evident up on the summit right now. And truthfully, for your second "Star Wars" reference, it can be like looking at an alien planet.

Hoth, anyone?

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