Well this seems a little ridiculous. A man from Waterville claims that a set of measuring spoons he used made by Betty Crocker made him "very sick" and now he wants them to pay him $250,000 in damages.

According to CBS 13, Greg Violette eats a mixture of coconut oil and peanut butter every day. After a few weeks the Betty Crocker logo on the spoons started to wear off and he got sick. He claims his doctor said the paint from the label is what caused his illness.

It's probably important to note that he filled the lawsuit without a lawyer. We can only guess no lawyer would take this case. Betty Crocker of course wants the case dismissed claiming their spoons aren't defective.

Just how sick did this guy get to want a quarter of a million dollars in damages? If only this was small claims court so we could see how Judge Judy would handle him.


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